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my bornday 26 april :)
let say , TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY (⊙.⊙) so happy sesangat hari nie . why ? tooooooo many precious moment i had created with MYLOVEONEs . who ? yeahh , most of all my 7starz ummi hani aimi athirah , nor shazlin , nazifa auni , siti nur aqilah and aina najiha . but it all starts with my family . great thanks to MAK , AYAH , pika and ira . kenyang sesangat dapat mam BLACK FOREST CAKE  celeb birthday time 25 april 2012 23:40 . k memang awal sikit . bebudak class punn wish time kat sch tadi . yang haru nya , ada lha seminar kerjaya lepas recess . then at the end , tetiba nama aku mentioned by akak penceramah with 3 of my form friends . ingat hapee , rupanya pasal lahir bulan april . k dapat fulakk dha lagu HAPPY BIRTHDAY . then another moment yang aku takk lupa is hb text from my charming pukul 5.20 pagi tadi ♥ 

~ so today is an unforgettable day in my life ~

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